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Advertise With Us

We offer a wide range of advertising opportunities from banner/text ads and sponsored post on and social media platforms.

We can help you promote your offline/online business(es), technology, start-up, seminar, education, etc to milllions of people who need your products and services.

Why you should Advertise with us

We receive visitors/readers from over 150 countries including UK, USA, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Austria e.t.c. Most of our stories have been captured by top News websites in the World and also in Nigeria, including the The Sun UK, Microsoft News, Google News and lots more as shown below.

We offer the following types of advertising

[Background Takover]

– A 2600 X 1800 Ad banner cover whole site page background

–  A 300 x 250 Ad banner on top of our mobile site and others

– 2 sponsored post/article on our website


– A 728 X 90 Ad banner appears on top header of our PC Site

–  A 300 x 250 Ad banner on top of our mobile site

[Medium Rectangle]

–  A 300 x 250 appears at sidebar of our PC site

–  A 300 x 250 appears inside post of our mobile site


–  A 160 x 600 Ad banner appears at sidebar of our PC site

– A 300 x 250 Ad banner at the bottom of our mobile site

[Mobile Banner]

– 300 x 250 Ad banner Appears at the top of our mobile site too

Text Ads

– A Text Format Link pinned on top of  our Mobile Site

Sponsored Post

– Article gets published on Inout9ja & shared to our various social media platforms

Video Ad

– Gone are the days of boring Adverts. We offer all kind of Video Ads that Auto plays on our platform to drive massive attention and awareness to your campaign.

SMS or Email Marketing 

– With Over 800 Thousand Verified Nigerian Phone Numbers Email, You can get your Ads Seen by Potential Audience.

What You Should Know

Advert materials:

Your Ads banner should be in (JPEG, PNG, or GIF images).

NOTE:-  We can help you design the banner if you can't create it, Not FREE! but for a FEE!.. 

Banner Changes:

Changes to your banner can be done anytime at no extra cost by sending us the attached changes to be made

Setup Time: 

Once payment is made for the slot you choose, your ad can start running same day or at anytime you specify


All Ads banner are displayed on all post pages on the blog.


We offer cheapest  advertising rates and our banner placement is billed per month (e.g. 4th June to 4th July) or quarterly 

For Advert Placing Call: 

Laurel Chinedu
Digital Media Sales:

↓Click the Download button below to download our Media Kit for 2018 which contains our Advertisement Rate

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